We offer a complete product line of ceramic grinding media.

Grinding media

Grinding Media

Ceramic Grinding media is typically used for Fine and Ultra Fine Grinding (UFG) in Stirred Mills or Attritors as well as in Vertical and Horizontal Bead Mills.

Kings has been involved in the manufacture of Ceramic Media for more than 30 years and has developed Grinding Media in a wide range of sizes and densities. We have recently developed a new innovative range of Ceramic Media – Kings MineMates - tailor made for UFG Mills in the Mining Industry

Advanced ceramics

Advanced Ceramics

Advanced ceramics play an indispensable part in most mining and manufacturing activities as well as in peoples' daily lives. With our programme of Continuous Improvement and strong R&D commitment, Kings Advanced Ceramics have found applications in a wide range of industries, primarily for abrasion resistance in Mill Linings and Transfer Boxes, whilst their high refractoriness allows of these ceramics to be used as linings and furniture in High Temperature Kilns.

Zirconium silicate

Micronized Zirconium Silicate

Kings Micronized Zirconium Silicate is produced from the highest quality Australian Zircon sand. It’s high purity and strong white colour make it a superior opacifier. It is chemically inert, stable at high temperature whilst being insoluble in water, dilute acids and hot concentrate sulfuric acid.