We offer a complete product line of ceramic grinding media.

LiningKing® Micro Crystal Wear-resistant Alumina Tiles and Pipes

King's beads


LiningKing® specializes in offering Total Wear Solutions to extend your equipment lifetime. They are made from extremely pure uniformly controlled alpha aluminum oxide.


  • Enables your equipment to withstand extremely high abrasion/wear, erosion/corrosion and high-temperature working conditions.
  • Widely used in Chutes and hoppers, Elbows, Nozzles, Silo, Fan Housing & Blades, Classifier Cones, Cyclone Separators, Pipes, Wear Panels, etc.


Real specific weight g/cm3 min. 3.60
Mohs Hardness   9
Crushing Strength Kg/mm2 min.2000
Flexural Strength Kg/mm2 min.3200
Tensible Strength Kg/mm2 min.2000
Water absorption   0.015% max
Color   White
Chemical composition Al2O3 (%) min. 90-92%