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AluKing 92 Alumina Grinding Cylinders

King's beads


  • Fine grinding of industrial mineral like alumina, zirconia silicate, feldspar, quartz, kaolin clay, glaze, inks and ceramics.
  • Suitable for wet grinding.
  • Recommended in Stirred and Ball Mill. Not recommended for high speed stirred mills and sand mills.


Real specific weight g/cm3 min. 3.62+/-0.02
Mohs Hardness   9
Roundness % min. 90
Crushing Strength(20mm) kgf/mm2 min. 2000
Water Absorption % 0.015 max
Self-wearing(EWT) % 0.08 max.(24h)
Color   White
Surface   Smooth
Chemical composition Al2O3(%) min. 92+/-1