We offer a complete product line of ceramic grinding media.

AluKing 99 Alumina Support Media

King's beads


King’s ceramic support materials are alumina based support media which are used as basing/packing and supporting media in absorbers, absorptive centers and reactors of hydrocracking, hydroprocessing, dehydration, desulfurization, demethylation, refining equipment, cat-reformers, iso-merization equipment, etc.


Bulk density g/cm3 3.3-3.6
E-Modulus GPa 300
Mohs Hardness   9
Heat resistance   0 ℃--1650 ℃
Heat conductivity 30℃-100℃ W/M·K 19-30
Heat Expansion Coefficient 30℃-100℃   7-9·10-6K-1
Al2O3 % Min. 99
SiO2 % Max. 0.15
Fe2O3 % Max. 0. 12