We offer a complete product line of ceramic grinding media.

King's MineMate® TA-380 Ceramic Beads

King's beads


King's MineMate® TA-380 Ceramic Beads are specially designed for superfine grinding mills with high speed and energy input.

As ZTA (Zirconia-Toughened-Alumina) based product, King's MineMate® TA-380 Ceramic Beads have excellent hardness and crushing strength, which guarantees outstanding performance in grinding hard minerals in harsh milling conditions.


Metallic minerals like copper, silver, nickel, gold, zinc, PGM, lead, etc.

Non-metallic minerals like graphite, calcium carbonate, kaolin clay, zirconium silicate, titanium dioxide, gypsum and quartz, etc.

Advanced ceramic materials, frits and glazes.

Chemical materials, paint, pigment, printing ink, dye.


Density g/cm3 >3.7
Packing density g/cm3 >2.2
Vickers hardness HV5 >1,350
Roundness* % >95
Standard size** mm 0.4 - 16 (any size breakdown)
Chemical composition   Al2O3, ZrO2, SiO2 and others

* Subject to a max. -3% points deviation for different product sizes

** Special sizes are available upon request